ARTGANIC MUSICIAN Natural, Original, Nothing Artificial

Artganic is a group of musicians who came together in 1993. They saw the need to spread the message of roots, culture, and oneness through reggae. Their goal is to feed the nation with spiritual food for their mental upliftment through conscious lyrics. Spreading the message of love is what Artganic is about.

Over the years, ARTGANIC has worked with various well known artists, such as: Judy Mowatt, Everton Blender, Ras Shiloah, Midnite, Prezident Brown, Wailing Souls, Sister Carol, Johnny Osbourne, Yami Bolo, Bigger Haitian, Pey Dalid and the Abassyians just to name a few. The group has performed in several different venues in the tri-state area including: S. O. B’s, Lion’s Den, Café Tango, The Hook, Tracks Café, Medgar Evers College Kwanza Celebration, The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, International African Arts Festival, Sullivan Hall, The Yam, Roots, & Jerk Festival, and JahFest.

ARTGANIC with lead singer I-Joe and the players of instruments will open your eyes to the events of the world through the music. His 1st single called, “A Song” pays tribute to all Rasta princesses. With more than 20 years in the business the band loves to perform for audiences large and small. The journey has been a long one, but we are looking forward to taking our music around the world and showing people the love of Rastafari.